Thank-Fullness Challenge

Write down 50 things for which you can give thanks

The Challenge: Write down 50 things for which you can give thanks

We began a new series on Sunday called “A Season Of Thanks,” by seeing how we have the ability to program our reticular activating system in our brains to allow in what we choose. If we are truly overflowing with thanks (thank-fullness) then we will see more things for which we can give thanks.

Here’s the challenge. We handed out the Full of thanks worksheet you see here, and I challenged everyone to write down 50 specific things for which they are thankful. I’ll admit to you that I had only filled in 23 blanks before my pen started slowing down, and by 36 I thought I was out of things for which I could give thanks. But then a quick look around and my pen started moving again and I could finish up all 50 blanks. I have so much for which I can give thanks!

How about you? Can you fill in all 50 blanks before Thanksgiving Day? Feel free to comment on what number you slowed down.

5 Responses to “Thank-Fullness Challenge”

  1. Carla B Says:

    Hey Craig,
    read as many as I could this AM and am blessed and challenged by your words, observations, challenges. still amazed you have so many books “in the works.”
    Main thought is that so often I feel like I am” not doing enough for God” and seems like the harder I try the less seems to be accomplished. What your comments make me realize, especially the Barney comments, is that God is at work in me where ever I am and if I use my free choice to be obedient in that place, HE WILL use me I just may not know about it and that is OK. It is after all, about honoring and worshipping Him and not keeping a record of if I have “done enough.” thanks for the reminder—that is on my thank you list btw!
    Aunt Carla


  2. Carla B Says:

    have no idea if the comment I posted got to you. I am not too techy as you know! short answer, being in the place God has placed me and using my free will to choose to listen and be obedient is what I can do. He will get the glory.
    blessings AC


  3. Thomas C Johnston Says:

    I count it a blessing to be able to sit in a service that the Lord puts in your heart, and you know my heart is always looking to give the Lord praise and thanks. And as much as I think I can always give thanks the Lord at the drop of a hat, I’m having a hard time thinking of 50 things to thank the Lord for when writing it on paper. Easy to say, harder to do!!!
    If anyone thinks it is easy, try it and you will be totaly blessed more than you think,


  4. Craig T. Owens Says:

    That was the point of the exercise. Even if you cannot fill out all 50 blanks at one time, your reticular activating system will now be on the lookout for opportunities to give thanks. You will be able to fill up all 50 blanks in no time. And after you’ve filled up the first 50, I’ll bet that you begin to see even more opportunities to give thanks!


  5. Jessica Says:

    50 things that’s a challenge!

    …The other day, Dave & I were with someone who was sick and she shared that when she was feeling better she wanted to get a sandwich from a sub shop and that dad was going to “save up” $5 to get it for her. Talk about being instantly convicted!

    We take for granted, wait, I take for granted the little things to be thankful for like buying my favorite sandwhich from the sub shop. Especially as we minister in the Burton these people don’t have a lot. For some of us to be driving 2 vehicles is huge, when many don’t have any.

    I’m thankful to be able to minister to the people of Burton and surrounding cities – to give them Jesus, the one that will never fail them, the one that won’t let them go when everything all around them may be falling apart.

    As we minister to them I’m also thankful that God is revealing Himself to me and working in me, just like the situation with the sub sandwhich. I’m thankful to be able to reach down in my purse and grab a hold of a few dollars. And I will spend it wisely!


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