The 6:00 AM Phone Call

Usually when my phone rings at 6am—especially on a Saturday morning—it’s bad news. But when my phone went off this last Saturday morning, it was anything but bad news. Our children’s pastor, Jessica Czerny, planned a girls’ overnighter for Mpact (the A/G ministry geared toward young ladies). The theme was “Lives In The Making” based on one of my favorite psalms of David: Psalm 139. When I turned my phone on at 6am, immediately I was notified of a text message. Jessica texted me at 10pm the night before while she was sitting in the sanctuary basking in what God was doing in the lives of our young ladies. Her text read:

Amazing service!! Altar full of girls. Moms @ the altar crying. Moms & daughters sobbing, tears flowing. All our girls are soaking God’s presence up. I’m in awe right now!

I’ll take these sort of 6am calls any day of the week! I am so thrilled at what God did in the lives on our young ladies. My hat is off to Jessica for the passion and excellence she puts into everything she does. Her heart for our young people to experience God in a personal way opens the door for God’s Spirit to move in a powerful way. I am also grateful for the godly ladies who partnered with Jessica for this sleepover. Renee Burley from Trinity A/G (Mt. Morris) brought girls and brought a timely word from God. Tina Young the children’s pastor at Otisville A/G also brought a large group of girls and led in worship. I believe that God started something in the hearts of these young ladies, and their “lives in the making” are something which pleases our Heavenly Father’s heart!


Renee Burley (Trinity A/G) shared the Word


Young “Lives In The Making” seeking God.


Tina Young (Otisville A/G) led worship


Mpact girls worshipping God


Getting beautiful on the outside


Jessica Czerny (Bethel A/G)

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