I’m Going To “Pop Out” For Missions

pop_out_logo2My 8-year-old son, Brandon, was challenged by Jessica Czerny (our children’s pastor) to give up pop (or “soda” for those of you on the West Coast, or “coke” for those of you in Texas) until Thanksgiving. The idea was for the kids to get family and friends to sponsor them for giving up pop and give the money that would have been spent on pop to missionaries.

Brandon finds it VERY challenging to give up pop, but would really like to help support our missionaries. So to give him moral support, I am going to join him in this and “Pop Out” myself until Thanksgiving. Will you consider sponsoring Brandon and I? You can pledge a certain amount per day or just a flat amount if he and I make it until Thanksgiving. I promise that 100% of the money pledged will go to help missionaries buy teaching supplies for other children.

If you are available to sponsor us, please just comment below with the amount of your pledge. I’ll give any of our sponsors an update after Thanksgiving to let you know how we did. Thank you for helping us help our missionaries!

I Am Their Idea Of Christ

I’ve been pondering this weighty thought from A.W. Tozer in his book Warfare Of The Spirit—

“A sacred obligation lies upon each of us to be Christlike. This generation of Christians must have models it can safely admire. That is not the primary reason for seeking to be holy, but it is a powerful one. Many beginners are taking us for their examples. Later they will become detached from us and will learn to fix their eyes directly upon the Lord Himself; in the meantime, for better or for worse we are their idea of what Christ is like.” (emphasis mine)

The Apostle Paul said, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1). I pray that my lifestyle is an example worthy of being modeled because there are a lot of eyes fixed on me.

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