Planned Spontaneity

Is that an oxymoron, or what? How can something be planned and spontaneous?

But we experienced planned spontaneity in our service this morning. Our worship team planned and practiced songs which would flow with each other and which would prepare people’s hearts for the Word today. At the end of the planned set of songs God showed up spontaneously with a powerful, unscripted, right-on-the-mark prophetic word for our congregation.

I did my very best to plan and prepare a message for this morning which would be timely, relevant, and applicable. At the end of my planned message God showed up spontaneously. A guest who had never been with us in a service before sang a song that God had given her two days earlier. The song contained the exact same words and phrases that were in my prepared message.

We planned. God showed up spontaneously.

I truly believe that if we had not done our very best planning, God would not have shown up so spontaneously. What do you think?

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