Allen Iverson and My Friends

Ball-hog or championship-maker?

Allen Iverson: Ball-hog or championship-maker?

So the Detroit Pistons traded a couple of fairly decent players for Allen Iverson, a very prolific scorer. As the news broke, friends emailed me and posted comments on Facebook: “Great move!” and “Lousy trade!” It’s nice to be able to banter about something which has no lasting impact on my life. Whether it was a good move for the Pistons or not, it really doesn’t have any bearing on my life. Some people call AI a ball-hog, some say he makes other players elevate their game; some people say “The Answer” only seeks to pad his personal stats, while others are convinced he pushes himself and his team to win championships. Either way, my life is not really that impacted.

But in trading playful barbs with my friends, I was reminded of the value of those friendships. I recently called on some friends at the last minute to give up their Halloween night to help us “Light The Night,” and they answered the call without hesitation. Another friend drove over 90 minutes roundtrip just to look at Betsy’s van to figure out what was wrong… and saved us a lot of money in repair bills in the process. Another friend gave me some really honest (and painful, at the time) feedback, and it helped me grow. I don’t know if AI will help the Pistons, or if he’s only in it for himself. But I do know that I am awfully blessed to have some amazingly faithful and generous friends who truly love me.

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