I’m Going To “Pop Out” For Missions

pop_out_logo2My 8-year-old son, Brandon, was challenged by Jessica Czerny (our children’s pastor) to give up pop (or “soda” for those of you on the West Coast, or “coke” for those of you in Texas) until Thanksgiving. The idea was for the kids to get family and friends to sponsor them for giving up pop and give the money that would have been spent on pop to missionaries.

Brandon finds it VERY challenging to give up pop, but would really like to help support our missionaries. So to give him moral support, I am going to join him in this and “Pop Out” myself until Thanksgiving. Will you consider sponsoring Brandon and I? You can pledge a certain amount per day or just a flat amount if he and I make it until Thanksgiving. I promise that 100% of the money pledged will go to help missionaries buy teaching supplies for other children.

If you are available to sponsor us, please just comment below with the amount of your pledge. I’ll give any of our sponsors an update after Thanksgiving to let you know how we did. Thank you for helping us help our missionaries!

4 Responses to “I’m Going To “Pop Out” For Missions”

  1. Denise VanDerKolk Says:

    Consider me a sponsor – $20. (Does this mean I’m serving pop at the Thanksgiving meal?)


  2. Craig T. Owens Says:

    Brandon and I say, “Thanks!” On Thanksgiving we will also say, “Pass the Pepsi, please!” 🙂


  3. Craig T. Owens Says:

    UPDATE: With just a little over a week left, Brandon and I are both hanging tough. I’m so proud of him! The othre day he picked up his Mom’s glass to take a sip of her Diet Pepsi and stopped himself just as the glass touched his lips. “Whoops, I almost forgot,” he said. Way to go, Brandon!

    And thanks to the many who have responded here and on Facebook: We have $65 in pledges for our missionaries! I’ll give you another update after Thanksgiving.


  4. Craig T. Owens Says:

    UPDATE: Congratulations to Brandon! He made it all the way to Thanksgiving, and celebrated with an icy-cold can of Mt. Dew (thanks to big brother Harrison). In the process, Brandon raised $75 for missions!


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