The Morning Star

John 3-17This is part three of a 3-part series called The Star Of CHRISTmas. I was going to deliver this message at Calvary Assembly of God yesterday morning, but due to the terrible weather, we had to cancel our services. I hope this message will be a blessing to you. Please leave me some feedback in the comments section below.

Merry Christmas!

The Star Of CHRISTmas

The Star Of Christmas [web]I’m really enjoying preparing for our 3-week Christmas series called The Star Of CHRISTmas. If it’s not obvious to you by the way I wrote that title, I believe the star of Christmas is Christ!

We will be learning how Jesus Christ’s birth in Bethelehem was the…

  • SUPERNOVA which brings light into the Old Testament’s darkness, and allows other stars (that’s us!) to be born.
  • MORNING STAR which shines brightest just before the dawn and replaces a feeling of fear with the confidence of favor.
  • NORTH STAR which helps us keep going in the right direction despite the circumstances around us.

If you are able to join us over the next couple of Sundays at 10:30am, we would love to celebrate The Star of CHRISTmas with you!

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