Poetry Saturday—Above All

Grant me, sweet Jesus, to rest in You above every creature; 
above all health and beauty, 
above all glory and honor, 
above all power and dignity,
above all knowledge and skillfulness, 
above all riches and arts, 
above all joy and exultation, 
above all fame and praise, 
above all sweetness and consolation, 
above all hope and promise, 
above all gifts that You can give, 
above all joy the mind is able to receive; 
above everything that You, O my God, are not. —Thomas à Kempis

See God Bigger

See God BiggerGlorify the Lord with me; let us exalt His name together. (Psalm 34:3)

“I am positively sure after many years of observation and prayer that the basis of all of our trouble today, in religious circles, is that our God is too small. When David says magnify the Lord, he doesn’t mean that you are to make God big, but you are to see Him big. When we take a telescope and look at a star, we don’t make the star bigger, we only see it big. Likewise you cannot make God bigger, but you are only to see Him bigger. … My brethren, God calls us to magnify Him, to see Him big. A meeting is not big because a lot of people are present. A meeting is big because a number of people see a big God in the meeting. And the bigger God is seen, the greater the meeting. A friend of mine has a little saying, ‘I would rather have a big, little meeting than a little, big meeting.’ There are a lot of big meetings that are little because the God in them is a small God. And there are a lot of little meetings that are big because God is big in the midst of them. … That is the first thing—magnify God. Your ministry will be little, and you will live and die little unless you have a bigger God.” —A.W. Tozer

How Are You Running Today?

Ever noticed how often we use the word run in our everyday clichés?

  • I gotta run a few errands.
  • I’m running the kids to soccer practice.
  • Our funds are running a little low.
  • We’re running a bit late.
  • I’m running out of energy.
  • My patience is running thin.
  • Can’t talk now, I have to run!

My question is: how are you running?

Elijah ran twice. Once in the power of God, and once in fear.

When he ran in fear, he became completely exhausted to the point where he became depressed and suicidal. When he ran in God’s power, there was no tiredness.

When he ran in fear, he forgot God and focused totally on his own needs. When he ran in God’s power, only God was exalted.

So how are you running today? Are you running in fear of disappointing someone… dropping the ball… losing the job… falling short… losing face?

Or are you running in God’s power… doing the things that draw you closer to Him… running to bring others to Christ… exalting God?

You will be running this week. The bigger question is how are you doing it?

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