How Are You Running?

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Ever noticed how often we use the word run in our everyday clichés?

  • I gotta run a few errands
  • I’m running the kids to soccer practice
  • Our funds are running a little low
  • We’re running a bit late
  • I’m running out of energy
  • My patience is running thin
  • Can’t talk now, I have to run

My question is: how are you running?

Elijah ran twice. Once in the power of God, and once in fear.

When he ran in fear, he became completely exhausted to the point where he became depressed and suicidal. When he ran in God’s power, there was no tiredness.

When he ran in fear, he forgot God and focused totally on his own needs. When he ran in God’s power, only God was exalted.

So how are you running today? Are you running in fear of disappointing someone … dropping the ball … losing the job … falling short … losing face?

Or are you running in God’s power … doing the things that draw you closer to Him … running to bring others to Christ … exalting God?

You will be running this week. The bigger question is how are you doing it?

One Response to “How Are You Running?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Good reminder. I think a lot of times we try and do everything with our own strength and then wonder why it’s taking a toll.


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