The King’s English

I grew up reading the King James Version of the Bible. So naturally, this was the version I also memorized. Even to this day (all these many, many[!] years later), many of the verses I memorized still come back to my mind in that Olde English slant. 

A few years ago we celebrated the 400th anniversary of the King James authorized translation of the Bible into English. It’s astounding to realize how many words, phrases, and concepts from this version have become mainstays in the English language. From Shakespeare’s plays right down to current writings, this “Book of books” infiltrates our thoughts and our  vocabulary. 

Here is an outstanding poem Glen Scrivener put together to honor the 400th anniversary of the KJV, where he attempts to share 100 phrases from this translation in 3 minutes. Enjoy!

I’m A Blessed Man

WeddingThis week I get to celebrate 25 years of being married to the most amazing wife God ever created!

I can relate to Winston Churchill who said, “My most brilliant achievement was the ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.” Amen to that!

So we are off celebrating, and I won’t be blogging this week.

The Legacy Of My Parents

MustangThis past weekend we celebrated my parents golden anniversary. Long-time friends gathered around the dinner table and shared some great memories of how my Mom & Dad had impacted their lives. Other friends who couldn’t attend sent in letters and videos. My biggest takeaway from that weekend is something I already knew: My parents are ministers.

They don’t have a title like reverend or pastor or missionary. But for their entire marriage they have ministered like Jesus described in Matthew 25: they fed the hungry, clothed the naked, provided shelter for the homeless, and love for the hurting.

See for yourself…

I am so blessed by the legacy my parents have left!

Dear Mom & Dad


Dear Mom & Dad,

Today we’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. How blessed I am to have grown up in a home with a Mom & Dad who have loved each other my entire life.

Your example as parents and as a truly happily married couple has been an inspiration for me. What a rich legacy you have passed on to Betsy and me. If we can accomplish even half of what you have, we will count ourselves blessed.

Happy anniversary! I love you bunches!


My Best Friend

I am so blessed to have a best friend. 

Someone who has helped me grow and mature.

Someone who helps me dream bigger,

persevere longer,

act more kindly,

live more transparently,

love more empathically,

encourage more frequently,

lead more gently,

serve more Christ-like,

and glorify God more highly.

My best friend is my confidant, my playmate, my cheerleader, my counselor, my wife of 22 years.

I love you, Betsy! I cannot imagine a better friend. I cannot imagine how much of life I would have missed if you hadn’t been by my side, opening my eyes.

The first 22 years have been amazing. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us for the next 22 years! 

Happy anniversary!

(We love working with Michelle Wise for our photographs. Check out her amazing work here.)

Forever Better

Twenty-five years ago today, December 2, 1984:

  • Ghost Busters was the top-grossing movie
  • The A-Team was NBC’s top-rated TV series
  • Hall & Oates had the number one Billboard single Out Of Touch
  • Ronald Regan was the US President

None of these facts changed my life. But something else that took place on that day did. On December 2, 1984, I went on my first official date with Betsy Coffield. My first girlfriend—my only girlfriend—and still my best friend.

Neither movies, TV, music, nor politicians have changed my life, but I’m forever a better man because Betsy said, “Yes.” I love you, babe. Here’s to the next 25 years, which will be even better!

Celebrating A Heart Theft

She still steals my heart away!

She still steals my heart away!

Twenty-four years today, December 2, 1984, my heart was stolen. December 2 marks the anniversary of the first date Betsy and I went on. She is the only girlfriend I have ever had, she is my best friend, she is my favorite playmate, and she has made me into the man I am today. Our first and favorite love song sums up the way we feel about each other: “There could only be you for me… the only one who stole my heart away.”

Betsy, you still steal my heart away every day. I’m looking forward to the next 24 years with my favorite girlfriend!

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