Podcast: Assessments Are A Powerful Tool

Listen to the audio-only version of this podcast by clicking on the player below, or scroll down to watch the video.

On this episode of “The Craig And Greg Show” we talk about: 

  • [0:38] We prefer preventative care both physically and in our leadership health
  • [1:40] When should we use assessments?
  • [3:10] Assessments can help leaders get an objective perspective on themselves and their team members
  • [4:36] We need windows of insight into ourselves first before we start working with our teammates
  • [5:40] What’s the goal of assessments?
  • [7:40] There are no “wrong answers” in assessment results
  • [9:39] How do leaders share the results of assessments with the whole team?
  • [13:31] When we have insight about our teammates, it helps us grow and understand each other
  • [15:34] Intuition and assessments work really well together
  • [17:01] What if an assessment appears to raise a warning flag?
  • [18:02] Leaders should use their assessments to setup their teammates for consistent success
  • [19:35] Assessments allow leaders to craft a complete team
  • [20:37] An outside coach can help your organization know what assessments to use and how to implement the results of any assessments

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