Podcast: Leaders Are Readers

Listen to the audio-only version of this podcast by clicking on the player below, or scroll down to watch the video.

On this episode of “The Craig And Greg Show” we talk about: 

  • [0:27] Leaders are readers
  • [1:16] High-level leaders read more than just what’s in their industry
  • [1:42] A challenge all leaders face: Finding time to read
  • [2:33] What benefits come to leaders who read widely?
  • [4:20] What kinds of books should leaders choose?
  • [7:25] Don’t get stuck in a rut with our reading selections
  • [10:13] Leaders need to keep a learner’s mindset
  • [11:00] Where does reading play into our leadership development?
  • [12:52] Greg shares a quote from Dr. Seuss about reading
  • [13:36] What am I currently reading? The books I mention in the podcast are Calvin Coolidge’s autobiography, Hank Greenberg’s life storyWho’s Pushing Your Buttons, and one of my most recent books of poetry.
  • [16:40] What is Greg currently reading?
  • [18:22] Leaders should be “book givers”
  • [19:25] What can we do with the notes from the books that we read?
  • [21:53] Greg has a new book coming out soon. Stay tuned for Sage Advice

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