The Psychology Of Redemption (book review)

The Psychology Of RedemptionTo put psychology (a social science) and redemption (a decidedly theological term) together in the same title seems a bit paradoxical. Yet Oswald Chambers was such a well-rounded, well-studied man, that The Psychology Of Redemption seems like a perfect topic for him to tackle!

Chambers himself described these collection of thoughts this way: “Christian Psychology is based on the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, not on the knowledge of ourselves. It is not the study of human nature analyzed and expounded, but the study of the new life that is born in us through the Redemption of our Lord, and the only standard of that new life is our Lord Himself.”

Chambers goes on to explain in this outstanding work that our true self was marred when Adam sinned. We were made by God, so we can best understand ourselves (psychology) when we are reestablished in our original relationship with God (redemption). So the topics that Oswald Chambers goes into in this book are some of the deepest topics of any I have read to-date in his books. But he does it in such an accessible way, that anyone from a novice, to a trained psychologist, to a trained theologian will find value in his thoughts.

Editor David Lambert further advises us: “To profit by this book demands concentrated thought, with Bible in hand, and with a humble eagerness to ‘act on the Word, instead of merely listening to it and deluding yourselves’ (James 1:22).’”

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  3. John Bryan Says:

    Interesting, never heard about this book before.


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