What Does God Think About You?

Pastor Josh SchramJosh Schram, our youth pastor, brought an amazing message to us Sunday morning. I have included the link to his full message below, but here are a few of my take-aways from his message.

Often we think about God’s thoughts of us the way we think about ourselves. That means sometimes I think He really loves me, and sometimes I think His love for me has cooled off a bit.

TRUTH: God’s love for me is not conditional on my circumstances or on my status. His love is unconditionalHe couldn’t love me anymore than He already does!

In Luke 15, we see that the religious leaders didn’t like Jesus hanging around “sinners.” Why? Because those “sinners” should be getting the punishment they deserved, not getting Christ’s undivided attention (vv. 1-2).

When Jesus told His first two parables, it seems as if the Pharisees were more concerned about a lost coin or a lost sheep than they were about a lost person (vv. 3-10)! Do I feel that God is more concerned about a lost “thing” than He is about me?

To make the point perfectly clear, Jesus told the story of the lost son (vv. 11-32). The son deserved punishment. He came home covered in pig poop. But the son was STILL the father’s son and he loved his son no less than the day he left home!

The wrong way of thinking—God loves me less because I mess up.

The right way of thinking—God loves me unconditionally just as I am.

Check out this amazing message…

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