Keeping The Ten Commandments (book review)

Keeping The Ten CommandmentsI am just completing a series of messages at my church on the Ten Commandments. This was no small undertaking, and one that I undertook with great reverence. I knew I needed some scholarly resources to guide my study time, and there is none who fits the bill better than J.I. Packer and his work Keeping The Ten Commandments.

Packer is indeed a most-learned man, but he has a God-given gift to discuss doctrine and theology on a level that is accessible to even someone like me! He doesn’t water-down the biblical doctrines contained in the Ten Commandments, but he presents God’s intent in them in a way that the reader can immediately grasp and then put into action.

Before looking at each of the commandments individually, Packer opens the book with a couple of chapters giving us a bird’s-eye view of how the Ten Commandments fit in with the balance of Scripture. Then he walks us through the commandments one-by-one, and concludes with a couple of chapters that help us live out the commandments today. Each chapter includes a “for further study” list of questions and Bible verses, which I highly recommend.

For getting to know the Ten Commandments better, Keeping The Ten Commandments should definitely be on your reading list.

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