The Miracle Of Freewill

C.S. LewisI recently re-read C.S. Lewis’ book Miracles (you can read my full book review by clicking here). As you may have noticed, after reading and reviewing books on this blog, I also like to share some quotes that caught my attention. Doing this with Lewis is difficult, because in order to get the context of a particular quote, I think I would have to cite almost a full page or more. So over the next few weeks I plan to share some quotes from Miracles that require not as much context, or I will provide a bit of background to set the stage.

Lewis referred to the Incarnation of Jesus (His coming to earth to live as a human being) the “central” or “grand” miracle. But equally as miraculous is that Creator God would fashion us in such a way that we would need Jesus as our Savior. The idea of a creator as a cosmic clockmaker, Who simply wound up His creation and let it run is a very safe, controllable god. But that is not how The Creator chose to create…

“Let Man be the only one among the myriad of rational species, and let him be the only one that has fallen. Because he has fallen, for him God does the great deed; just as in the parable it is the one lost sheep for whom the shepherd hunts. Let Man’s preeminence or solitude be one not of superiority but of misery and evil: then, all the more, Man will be the very species into which Mercy will descend. For this prodigal the fatted calf, or, to speak more suitably, the eternal Lamb, is killed. But once the Son of God, drawn hither not by our merits but by our unworthiness, has put on human nature, then our species (whatever it may have been before) does become in one sense the central fact in all Nature: our species, rising after its long descent, will drag all nature up with it because in our species the Lord of Nature is now included.”

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