Love To The Uttermost (book review)

Love To The UttermostAs we approach Easter, we approach one of the most pivotal times in the greatest story ever told: They story of Jesus Christ’s victory over satan and death! Each year I look forward to allowing the Holy Spirit to show me something new about this amazing story. A great resource this year is going to be Love To The Uttermost by John Piper.

This is a FREE ebook from Desiring God which will guide you through Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday. For each of the eight days of this week Pastor Piper gives us a new angle to explore in Christ’s love that led Him to the Cross, and overcame the grave. Each day’s reading will only take you a few minutes, but the central truth shared will give you something to meditate upon all day.

I read through this entire book quickly in order to write this review, but now I’m looking forward to re-reading it beginning on Palm Sunday!

You can download this FREE ebook by clicking here.

I promise you that you will discover something fresh and exciting about our Savior’s love each day that you read Love To The Uttermost.

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