UnreachedThis really weighs heavily on me…

Our guest this morning began to lay down 3×5 cards with the names of students on them. These students haven’t heard about Jesus yet. Let this weigh on your heart—

There are 150 million unreached students in his area of the world.

If all their names were laid end-to-end on 3×5 cards, the line would stretch 11,500 miles.

If you were flying over these cards in a 747, it would take you 20 hours to cover them all.

Stacked together these cards/names would weigh 190 tons.

If you prayed just 1 second for each name, you would be praying for 4.5 years.

We all need to be praying, giving, or going. Or maybe all three.

  • Praying for our missionaries and the unreached people they are trying to reach
  • Giving financially to missions
  • Going on the mission field yourself
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