Get Unstoppable

I have been fascinated by Nick Vujicic ever since the first time I heard his testimony. What a remarkable man who points people to Jesus in all he does.

His newest book Unstoppable is releasing on October 2. I would encourage you to pick up a copy as soon as you can. I know you will be inspired by this unstoppable man.

If you would like to get a taste of Unstoppable, you can click here to read an excerpt from chapter one.

A Checklist For Influencers

As the Apostle Paul is wrapping up his letter to his friends in Philippi, he encourages them to be people others want to be around. After all…

The #1 Rule of Influence: You can only influence people who are close to you.

The #2 Rule of Influence: People won’t get close to you unless you are approachable.

So here’s a quick checklist from Paul to Christians who want to be influencers (from Philippians 4:4-9):

  • Rejoice in God. Always.
  • Be gentlemen and gentlewomen. Manners matter.
  • Understand God is always with you.
  • Don’t be anxious or fretful.
  • Pray about everything.
  • Be a thankful person.
  • Be very discerning of what goes in your eyes and ears.
  • Continue to learn and practice godly, biblical principles.

A short list, but a lifetime of growth opportunities.

The more you exhibit these qualities, the more approachable you will be. And the more approachable you are, the more you can influence people to learn about the life-changing power of a personal relationship with Jesus.

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