My Great Desire

From Oswald Chambers—

I want to ask a very personal question—How much do you want to be delivered from? You say, “I want to be delivered from wrong-doing”—then you don’t need to come to Jesus Christ. “I want to walk in the right way according to the judgment of men”—then you don’t need Jesus Christ. But some heart cries out—“I want, God knows I want, that Jesus Christ should do in me all He said He would do.”

How many of us “want” like that?

God grant that this “want” may increase until it swamps every other desire of heart and life.

Do you want, more than you want your food, more than you want your sleep, more than you want anything under heaven, or in heaven, that Jesus Christ might so identify you with Himself that you are His first and last and forever?

God grant that the great longing desire of your heart may begin to awaken as it has never done, not only the desire for the forgiveness of sins, but for identification with Jesus Himself until you say, “I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.”

I want Jesus more than anything! I want Him to have all of me!

God, grant that the great desire of my heart may begin to awaken as it have never done before!

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