Scriptural Surprises

Charles Spurgeon wrote:

“Scripture grows upon the student. It is full of surprises. Under the teaching of the Holy Spirit, to the searching eye it glows with splendor of revelation.”

I love this!

I cannot count how many times I read my Bible and do a double-take. I look again and think to myself, “I don’t think that was there the last time I read that passage!” That’s probably because I wasn’t ready for it earlier.

In the comments below, share something surprising you’ve read in the Bible recently.

One Response to “Scriptural Surprises”

  1. Craig T. Owens Says:

    I’ll go first… I’ve been reading 1 Corinthians in my personal quiet time every morning, and I’ve been surprised by the number of times Paul uses the word THEREFORE. I’ve always taught that when you see the word “therefore” you need to ask the question, “What’s that there for?” In doing that, the Holy Spirit has surprised me with some very cool insights!


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