Receive Reject Redeem

At Calvary Assembly of God, we talked about the culture of media in our series In It Not Of It.

The main point I made yesterday is that we need to be aware of the messages the media is sending out, but not pre-occupied by those media messages.

Then we need to decide what part(s) of media we can receive, what part(s) we must reject, and what part(s) we can attempt to redeem.

The final point I would add for Christians who want to biblically engage their culture, is a point I made yesterday—

Instead of criticizing media … critique it. That means skillfully and artfully addressing it.

Instead of condoning media … challenge it by asking “Is this the best message” questions.

When deciding to receive, reject or redeem—or critique and challenge—use this filter from Philippians 4:8.

Does this pass the filter of being true … noble … right … pure … lovely … admirable … excellent … praiseworthy? If so, I can defintiely receive it. However, if it doesn’t meet ALL of these criteria, then I must decide if I can redeem it. If can’t redeem it, then it must be rejected.

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