One Service. Many Churches.

I think one of the most hurtful things in the Christian world is the squabbles between denominations. So much energy — that could be used to win people to Christ — is lost in these stupid (yes, I said stupid!) territorial battles about insignificant theological or preference issues.

In Cedar Springs we are so blessed with an amazing ministerial association! I love working with all of my fellow pastors to impact our community with the good news about Jesus. These men and women are more than colleagues; they’re my friends.

On the last Sunday of August we all cancel our regular service schedules at our churches and join together in Morley Park for a combined community-wide service. Quite appropriately, this service is called UNITED.

This is going to be a fantastic morning of worship, teaching, hanging out in the park with others, and a great lunch and worship concert following the service.

If you are anywhere close to Cedar Springs, I encourage you to attend. All of the details are at


one service. many churches. august 28 at 11am.

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