We Shall See God (book review)

It wasn’t for nothing that Charles Spurgeon was called “the prince of preachers.” In We Shall See God by Randy Alcorn, you can get a taste of Spurgeon’s eloquence, and of Heaven’s majesty.

We Shall See God is a collection of Spurgeon’s sermons about Heaven. Randy Alcorn has done a masterful job of culling through the prince’s sermons to pull out excerpts that talk about the beauty of Heaven and the horrors of Hell. Randy’s comments following each passage from Spurgeon are wonderfully presented. He doesn’t “talk over” Spurgeon, nor does he simply rehash what Spurgeon already said. He eloquently amplifies or briefly explains.

This book is designed to be used as a 50-day devotional reading. But I’ll be honest with you: I couldn’t put it down! I was so enthralled by Spurgeon’s description of Heaven, that I couldn’t wait to read more. And now I can’t wait to tell others more about Heaven.

Lately there have been so many authors and blogger hypothesizing about Heaven and Hell and the after-life. But Spurgeon doesn’t give us his opinion, he gives us biblical insight. And wouldn’t you much rather hear what the Creator of Heaven has to say about it, than what any mere mortal has to say?

I highly recommend this book to you. You will not only look forward to Heaven even more, but you will enjoy your brief journey on this Earth even more too.

I am a Tyndale book reviewer.

One Response to “We Shall See God (book review)”

  1. Robert Castillo Says:

    Hello, just read your review on this book. I just finished reading it myself the other day was just curious what others thought about it. I really enjoyed the devotional reading of the dynamic duo Alcorn and Spurgeon. Nice blog…keep up the good work. God Bless!!


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