Untamed (book review)

A friend introduced me to the writings of Alan Hirsch, and I’m so glad he did! Co-written with his wife Debra, Untamed resonated with me on so many levels.

Untamed is about discipleship the way it should be; not the way those in Christendom have made it. It’s about viewing our lives as an integrated whole; not the part-Christian, part-other roles in which we tend to operate. It’s about seeing the Church operate as a living, breathing, loving organism; not as an only-meets-once-a-week organization.

There were parts of this book that made me say, “Yes! That’s what I want to be a part of.” There were other parts that made me pause and say, “Hmmm, I never thought of it like that before.” And there were still other parts (honestly) that I said, “That’s a bit too radical for me to try right now.”

If you’re tired of clichéd “Christians” or the same-old-same-old “church,” Untamed will probably resonate with you. At the end of each chapter are some great discussion questions, which will help you begin to see discipleship in a new light.

If, however, you think the church and Christendom are doing just fine, then stay far away from Untamed, because you just might begin to think otherwise!

As for me, I loved this book!

2 Responses to “Untamed (book review)”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Man, I’m kinda frustrated, I never buy books and libraries and Christian books apparently just don’t mix. It makes me sad 😦


  2. stf Says:

    Sarah, bombard your local library with requests – it does wonders

    PLUS link up with fellow Christians and set up a small library amongst yourself. You CAN get amazing bargains (admittedly prob not this one just yet) secondhand (even via amazon) and there are outlets for new books that sell at good prices and if ten of you got together and each provided a good Chistian book bingo you’ve got a small working library and material for a few months.

    TRY IT


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