Who’s Your Promoter?

Check out this verse where God speaks to Joshua:

Today I will begin to exalt you in the eyes of all Israel, so they may know I am with you as I was with Moses.

Self-promoted leadership requires that I know what the current whims of the people are, and then I cater to those special-interest whims. But people are fickle, so I have to be constantly reinventing myself. I have to wear the right mask for the right group. I have to become a slick politician, giving the right speech to the right special interest group, promising them what they want to hear. I have to pander for votes to stay in leadership.

God-promoted leadership requires that I have faith in God alone. No focus groups to find out what people want. No advisors whispering in my ear. No masks, no special interest speeches, no pandering for votes. God knows the hearts of the people, and if He has called me to be a leader, He will equip me to be His leader.

Joshua was a God-promoted leader. When he was on the eve of his first major campaign as the new leader of Israel, he gave just one speech: “Let’s get ready to go.” A self-promoting leader would have given one motivational speech to the priests, one pep talk to the generals, one persuasive speech to the troops, an encouraging speech to the stay-at-home moms, and possibly one more convincing speech to those who wanted to pursue an alternative strategy.

The results of God-promoted leadership?

  1. So the Israelites did just as Joshua commanded them (Joshua 4:8).
  2. That day the Lord exalted Joshua in the sight of all Israel; and they revered him all the days of his life (Joshua 4:14).

Who’s your promoter?

My prayer is that I always allow God to be my promoter and that the Holy Spirit will convict me anytime I try to promote myself.

2 Responses to “Who’s Your Promoter?”

  1. Frank Pray Says:

    I wonder Craig if the American populace is sufficiently committed to God to respond as the Israelites did in Joshua 4:8? We are a fragmented, polarized society. The increasing polarity becomes visible with each presidential election. It leads me to wonder if a real leader speaking from deep traditional American values, who spoke the truth of his heart without pandering, could be elected by such a population? Obviously, the “slick politicians” pander as they do because they don’t believe real leaders can win elections. A transformation is needed, at it is needed from the “bottom up.” Some say we get the leadership we deserve. Maybe our prayers should shift emphasis that we will become a people deserving of great leadership.


    • Craig T. Owens Says:

      I talked about this quite a bit in our July 4th service yesterday. In the monarchies of Europe of the past, the government determined the religion of the people. The Puritans and Pilgrims believed differently. They believed that the people following biblical principles — and holding their elected officials to this principles — would determine the type of government they would get.

      The reason we have politicians in the USA today pandering for votes, and changing their “tune” with every group to whom they speak, is because we have allowed them to. We have said, our vote is “for sale” if you will just tell us what we want to hear. Instead of standing up for biblical values and saying to our leadership, “We only will vote for you if your message consistenly lines up with Scripture.” It has been a failure of moral courage on our part. We get the government we will tolerate.


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