Classic Wisdom For The Professional Life (book review)


Bryan Curtis has compiled a collection of quotes that are targeted for the business professional. In Classic Wisdom for the Professional Life, you will find sage wisdom from a variety of different perspectives.

Winston Churchill once said, Every uneducated man should read a book of quotes.” I love reading the wisdom of people who have been-there-done-that, and this book is full of those kinds of people. I enjoy letting their hindsight educate me and become my foresight. Normally I speed-read my way through books, but I found myself going rather slowly through this book, trying to absorb the wisdom in each of the quotes.

My only frustration with this book is that the quotes are not grouped together in any apparent categories. I would have liked a section on planning, a section on overcoming failure, a section on people skills, etc. So I just took the quotes most meaningful to me and retyped them in my computer into the categories where I would have grouped them. Other than that, there is much wisdom to be found in these pages.

I am a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson.

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