LikeWalk 2010

Just wanted to get this on everyone’s radar screen. I love Alpha Family Center and totally believe in their mission. This is a very simple way for you to get involved and to help support Alpha.

This walk is their major fundraiser of the year. So go to their website (click here), get a pledge form, find some sponsors, and then come walk with me on Saturday, June 19.

No Casualties

The Israelites had just returned from a huge military victory over the Midianites and the military commanders brought this report to Moses:

Your servants have counted the soldiers under our command, and not one is missing.

When God is with the soldiers, they have zero causalities. Zero.

Throughout the Bible, the only time casualties are mentioned is: (1) when the battle is of their own undertaking, or (2) the people have sinned and God allows an enemy to attack them.

God’s battle

in God’s timing

with God’s help

= No casualties!

If you are in a battle that you started, or if you are in a battle because you walked away from God, your best defense is to run to God in repentance.

But if God brought you to this fight, don’t run. Stand firm. He will bring you the victory with no casualties.

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