The Blessing

Just some personal musings on a well-known blessing.

The Lord bless you…

  • May you find nothing missing, nothing lacking.
  • May you be full and complete.
  • Then you will be better able to bless others.

…and keep you;

  • Safe and secure.
  • As a priceless heirloom.
  • As the apple of His eye.

…the Lord make His face to shine upon you,

  • So you are basking in His presence.
  • Reflecting His glory.
  • Distinguished from all others.

…and be gracious to you;

  • As He renews His mercies to you every morning.
  • Lavishing you with His blessings.
  • Not treating you as your sins deserve.

…the Lord turn His face toward you,

  • Knowing that you have His full notice.
  • Enjoying His full approval.
  • Living in His abundant favor.

…and give you peace (Numbers 6:24-26).

  • All your anxieties banished.
  • Your confidence renewed.
  • Your direction assured.

When you say “May God bless you” to someone, you are saying one of the most powerful, loving things that you could ever utter. There is nothing like God’s blessing: nothing compares to it, and nothing can detract from it. May I encourage you to more regularly ask for God’s blessing to be on your life, and may you be lavish with your request for blessings on others’ lives too.


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