The dictionary defines synergy as the combined action of two items, where their output is greater than the sum of their individual efforts. I like the Bible’s definition better:

Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall by the sword before you (Leviticus 26:8).

God’s synergy has an “if” attached to it. A few verses earlier God says, “If you follow Me and obey My principles, then this is what you can expect from Me.”

So God’s synergistic math looks like this:

5 = 102 = 104

Five people motivated by their devotion to God and trusting Him for victory = 100 enemies defeated.

One hundred people doing the exact same thing = 10,000 enemies defeated.

The first synergy is a 20-fold increase, while the second synergy is a 100-fold increase! The more people that buy into this truth, the greater the synergy.

Imagine if you could get just four other people to join you in prayer and in seeking God for…

  • …the lost in your city
  • …the healing of an “incurable” diseases
  • …the alleviation of poverty
  • …the strengthening of marriages
  • …the end of abortion


God’s synergy is an amazing thing! Be a part of it!

2 Responses to “Synergy”

  1. chadwick Says:

    Amen to that. I am blessed to have you pray with me over my marriage.


  2. Craig T. Owens Says:

    “When God has something very great to accomplish for His church, it is His will that there should precede it the extraordinary prayers of His people.” —Jonathan Edwards


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