A Barrel Or A Pipeline

I don’t own a house, a car, land, food, or money. God owns them and I’m merely His manager of those things. If I try to treat things like possessions, then things will begin to possess me because those items will become my focus instead of God.

I am a blessed man, but I am blessed to be a blessing.

The more I bless others with the blessings that have been placed under my management, two things happen: (1) God is exalted, and (2) I’m available to receive more blessings.

God doesn’t want to fill my barrel.

  • Barrels run out of room.
  • Things stored in barrels for too long spoil.
  • It’s hard to see everything stored up in a barrel.

God does want to fill my pipeline.

  • Pipelines—if they are free-flowing—never get full.
  • Everything flowing through the pipeline stays fresh.
  • Pipelines can deliver faster than barrels can.

I can LIMIT God’s blessings by HOARDING them in my barrel.

I can INCREASE God’s blessings by SHARING them through my pipeline.

How can you make your life God’s pipeline of blessing to others?

One Response to “A Barrel Or A Pipeline”

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    […] through those who remain IN Him. We are not only recipients of His favor, but we also become conduits of His favor that make His name as great on earth as it is in […]


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