Prayer Works

Prayer works. This phrase is powerful on so many levels—

  • Prayer is effective.
  • Prayer makes changes in me.
  • Prayer makes me work better.
  • Work is made better with prayer.
  • It takes a lot of work to pray.

Most Christians give the first day of each week to God. I’m challenging myself and our congregation to give the first week of the new year to God. January 3-9 will be a week of working in prayer. We’ve called this week Total Access: When we pray, we have total access to all of God’s blessings. He wants to bless us so that…

1. We can be more fruitful.

2. We can bless others out of our overflow.

3. We can glorify God.

Why don’t you join us in giving your first week of the year to God. It’s work to pray, but prayer works.

One Response to “Prayer Works”

  1. Relearning To Pray | Craig T. Owens Says:

    […] been sharing a series about prayer with my congregation. It’s called Total Access. The premise of the series is that we have total access to the treasure trove of God’s blessings, […]


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