The Q Series

The Q Series

I l-o-v-e answering questions.

One of the best Q&Aers in history was Jesus. Take a look through the Gospels and take note of the question marks. People were always asking Jesus questions. Some He answered very directly, and some He answered with a question of His own so that the questioner could learn the answer through self-discovery. Whatever His method, Jesus addressed all of their questions.

In our Impact! youth service, I’m turning the agenda over to our students. For the next three weeks they are throwing out the Qs and I’m going to attempt to come up with the biblical As. If that sounds scary… it is! I know I’m going to get some very challenging questions.

You can be involved too. Feel free to submit a question or two. I won’t use your name (unless you want me to). You can get your questions to me in several ways:

  • Comment on this post below.
  • Through Facebook.
  • Through Twitter.
  • By using an anonymous form at the church.

Then come and join us over the next three Wednesdays at 7:00 PM for The Q Series as I attempt to answer your questions. It’s going to be great!

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