Slowing Down Fast Food

It’s named “fast” food because it is supposedly prepared quicker than you could fix it yourself at home. It’s also called “fast” because so many of us order it from our cars in the drive-thru lane, and then inhale our food as we speed down the road to our next appointment.

But have you noticed how fast people eat their fast food even when they sit down in the restaurant?

Have you noticed how fast we eat the food we prepare at home? Usually, it takes less time to eat it than it took to prepare it!

Have you noticed how fast we “eat” life?

The other day I took a break from my study time to eat a healthy breakfast bar. I munched on it while I continued to type notes on my computer. A couple minutes later I looked next to me and saw the empty wrapper but honestly couldn’t remember what flavor I just ate! What’s the point of flavor if I’m not even going to enjoy it?

The Psalmist said, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Taste: That implies that I slow down to actually notice the taste.

How many blessings from the Creator do I treat as fast food every day?

  • I “see” yet don’t perceive the incredible pallet of colors in the flowers and trees and sunset.
  • I “hear” yet don’t appreciate the robin’s early morning song.
  • I “smell” yet don’t savor the newly-blossomed flowers on the bush outside my front door.
  • I “taste” yet don’t marvel at the golden beauty of the nectar-turned-to-honey for my tea.
  • I “touch” yet I’m unmoved by the silky black fur of my cat.

It’s time to slow down … savor … relish … bask … enjoy … marvel… appreciate … and then truly praise God for His incredible goodness.

Some ideas for us to try:

  • When you talk with your spouse or children today, look deep into their eyes. What color are they? I mean, really look. Don’t settle for saying “blue” or “green” or “brown.” Look at them like an artist would. “Crystal blue: like the color of my favorite lake early in the morning.”
  • When you sit down to eat, take a bite, put your fork down, chew slowly, try to identify each flavor. Take a drink before taking your next bite, so that each bite of food is like the first bite.
  • If you’re eating with others, don’t rush away from the table after the meal is eaten. Talk, ask questions, listen, learn something new.
  • Walk outside. Close your eyes and listen attentively. How many sounds can you hear? The birds singing, the bee buzzing, the leaves rustling, children laughing, sprinklers sprinkling, mowers mowing. Appreciate the sounds.

S-l-o-w  d-o-w-n. Taste—savor and appreciate—all of the Creator’s blessings around you. If you don’t, you’ll eat without tasting. Don’t let your life become a fast food life.

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