Moving Day(s)

Today’s the day! We’re moving out of Whitmore Lake (our home for the last 7+ years) and heading to Cedar Springs. It’s a day for both see-ya-later’s and great-to-see-ya’s. And it’s a couple of days to load up and then unload the moving truck.

Would you like to lend a hand? If you’re around and available, we’d appreciate the help. Here’s the schedule:

Friday (8/28) — the pizza will arrive at noon at our Whitmore Lake home. After we eat we’ll be loading up the truck. My friends that have some experience in this tell me that we’ll have everything loaded by about 3:00pm.

Saturday (8/29) — the coffee and sweet treats will be ready at 10:00am at our Cedar Springs home, and we’ll begin unloading the truck around 11:00am.

If you can help (packing/unpacking or carrying) at either location for even 30 minutes, we would be very grateful for the help. Or if you can only stop by for 60 seconds to say “goodbye” or “hello,” we would be grateful for that too.

Gotta go pack some more boxes….

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