A Cup Of Tea

Green. Black. White. Red. Bagged. Loose. Hot. Iced. Home-brewed. Starbucks. I really enjoy all sorts of tea. Every day my morning routine includes sitting down with a nice cup of fresh tea. Not only am I sipping a cup right now (in my Life Is Good mug), but I will probably have a few more cups throughout today.

In large part because of the British Empire’s presence for so long in so many places around the world, their love for tea is still prominent in most of the world. Outside of the USA the favorite household social drink is tea.

Big deal, right? For me, it is. I use tea as an important reminder.

It all started with some great friends who are missionaries to Africa. Jayne, a lovely British woman, sent me some tea from the country in which they were serving. So naturally every time I brewed a cup of tea from Mozambique I thought of my friends. And prayed for them.

Now tea and prayer are inseparably intertwined—

  • Malawi tea = prayer for missionary friends in Malawi
  • Tea in a Western Michigan University mug = prayer for a Chi Alpha pastor
  • Indian tea = prayer for a dear friend who pastors in India
  • Loose tea = prayer for my cousin who serves as a missionary in an Arabic country
  • Apricot tea = prayer for my Mom & Dad who gave me this tea
  • Tangawizi tea = prayer for some other special family members
  • Chinese green tea = prayer for a family in China who tell people there about Jesus

You get the idea.

Paul wrote to his dear friends at the church in Philippi, “I thank God for you every time I think of you.” The key is to use something we do as part of our regular routine as a reminder to pray. It’s not hard. It’s not even taking time to bow your head and close your eyes.

Whenever you think of someone, pray for them. Use pictures, a piece of jewelry, a cup of tea, a bookmarker, special coffee cups, or anything else you handle every day as a reminder to pray.

Mother Teresa said, “Prayer enlarges the heart.” If you want to love others the way God loves, pray for them. If you want to love someone more deeply, pray for them more often. Prayer is one of the best habits we can develop.

Now, I must get back to my tea and my remembrances. Oh, by the way, if you have any tea recommendations, I would love to hear them!

7 Responses to “A Cup Of Tea”

  1. barney Says:

    I’ve got a link from a chain in my pocket that Pastor O’neal gave me to “link” me to him, I also carry a few reminders of others in my pocket. Each time I reach into my pocket I invariably have to take out everything to find what I am looking for, at that time I see my reminders and think of the one I put it in my pocket for, it’s then I pray for them and for me, that I will see them again in this life. It’s kind of like my cup of tea.


  2. Tom Amrozowicz Says:

    and as I drink my coffee & check Facebook, your posts & blogs, remind me to pray for you. We are praying for God’s direction for you guys.


  3. Carla Brogden Says:

    Like you there are many things that prompt me to pray for others. When I drive a route there are specific people whose homes are off that path along the way. As you have said, a cup, a book, a photo, things that trigger those reminders are great ways to bring friends to mind and prayer. Thanks for the prayers.


  4. Kelly L. Mosher Says:

    I love that idea. Makes me want to ask each of my loved ones to send me a box of their favorite tea, perhaps as my b-day gift in July. In your collection, does Chai-spice have anyone’s ‘face’ on it?
    Your point is that whatever it takes when they cross our minds, pray! I’m better than I used to be at this but still need to improve. Is anyone else hearing Steven C. C.’s “Let Us Pray”

    Air smooch to all y’all.


  5. Jayne Says:

    Thank you Pastor Craig! It means so much to us! As soon as we get back to Malawi I will send you more Malawian tea and Tanzanian tea too!
    And from any other African country that I visit. Are you ready for anymore PG tips from UK. Do you prefer tea bags or loose?
    Thank you for your prayers, we Pray for you too and look forward to seeing the Owens today! Maybe we can have a cup of tea when you get back from your date with Betsy:)


  6. Whirlwind Weekend | Craig T. Owens Says:

    […] some green tea and praying for some very special friends. I love the connection to our Heavenly Father I have in […]


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