On Sunday nights I am teaching a series called Huh? It’s a practical set of talks geared to help us all increase our level of effective communication.

One huge hurdle to effective communication is the lingo into which we so easily slide. The dictionary defines lingo: a characteristic language of a particular group that is unfamiliar to those outside that group.

Last night—even as I am teaching on effective communication—I discovered how guilty I am of using Church Lingo. After our service was over, my daughter Samantha handed me an offering envelope on which she had written a Church Lingo lexicon.

Street Word           Church Lingo
Yes                          Amen
Mr. & Mrs.                Brother & Sister
Goodbye                  God bless
Ticked off                 Grieved
Sing                         Worship together

Ouch! A good reminder that I can so easily slip into Church Lingo and leave people all around me saying, “Huh?” I’m trying to get better.

What Church Lingo have you heard (or adopted yourself) that needs to be changed?

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