Rethinking The Master’s Master Plan

master-planBetsy and my kids had a snow day today, so I took the opportunity to work from home too. I spent some time this afternoon reading some more of Robert Coleman’s excellent book The Master Plan Of Evangelism. Here’s a quote from this book which has stuck with me all day:

“If Sunday services and membership training classes are all that a church has to develop young converts into mature disciples, then they are defeating their own purpose by contributing to a false security, and if the new convert follows the same lazy example, it may ultimately do more harm than good. There is simply no substitute for getting with people, and it is ridiculous to imagine that anything less, short of a miracle, can develop strong Christian leadership.” [emphasis mine]

I need to prioritize my schedule so that my time is focused around people. I’m looking forward to Coffee With The Pastor tomorrow, where I’ll be able to spend some quality time with Barney, Dave, Elias, Jerry, and some of my other Starbucks friends who will be there. What about you? What are you doing to make sure you are “getting with people”?

2 Responses to “Rethinking The Master’s Master Plan”

  1. Kelly L. Mosher Says:

    More harm than good? AMEN! False security is rampant in the body of Christ; just my alarmed opinion. The people factor is key. For my walk, heavy on the ‘Right’ people and light on the ‘wrong’ influences. I’m not sheltered however and don’t intend to isolate. I have a sweet position in life regarding two way influence due to my job and also 12 step meetings, but I actively guard my heart and treasure the pearls. Today I was asked to make a house call when I got home and I am so blessed to be called on. God’s reputation proceeds me! I “get with people” tonight and tomorrow morning so I better study up now.


  2. Steve Young Says:

    Wow, I couldn’t agree more! This sounds like the same train of thought Alan Hirsch develops in his book “The Forgotten Way.” I will never look at the “Traditional” way of doing church with the same enthusiasm. Working hand in hand with people and discipling them is a lot of work, some are even affraid of getting their hands dirty, but Jesus called us to the business of discipling.

    I will add this book to the long list of must reads and hope for some “snow days” also.


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