The Best Gifts…

…are people!

I had a wonderfully memorable last 24-hours. I was looking forward to Christmas — as usual — but this year brought some unexpected opportunities to spend some time with very special people.

Michael, Harrison, Samantha, Brandon
Michael, Harrison, Samantha, Brandon


On Christmas Eve my family got to know the McRae family, and to take a Christmas present to Michael. It was wonderful to see Michael’s face light up when he opened up the gift he had been dreaming of. Michael had worked very hard to raise money for a Nintendo DS, but unexpected family circumstances meant that his family had to use his popcorn sale money for family necessities. It was such a joy to be there when Michael got to open his DS!

While my family was with the McRaes, Jessica and Dave Czerny (our children’s pastor) were visiting with the Kimball family. I wrote about Tina in an earlier post. We presented this opportunity to our church, and the Bethel A/G family came through… big time! Jessica & Dave had the joy of delivering a huge stack of toys and clothes to Tina!  Check out some more pictures of Michael and Tina on Flickr.



       Today my family made a return visit to Caretel nursing home. I did a weekly chapel service at Caretel for three years, and passed the baton to Tom Johnston a little over a year ago. Today we got to go back to Caretel and sing Christmas carols with some very special friends

Christmas carols at Caretel

Christmas carols at Caretel

Then it was off to Grand Rapids to spend time with my family.

Truly the greatest gifts in my life are the special people I have the privilege of spending time with every day. These last 24 hours have been incredible — I am a blessed man!

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