Still Poppin’ Out


In an earlier post I wrote that my 8-year-old son, Brandon, was challenged by his children’s pastor to “Pop Out For Missions.” All of the kids in The Rock were challenged to give up pop, and get adults to sponsor them in raising money for missions. Brandon was reluctant to try this, as he loves his pop, but I offered to pop out with him, and we made it to Thanksgiving. In the process, Brandon raised $75 for missions!

Samantha, my 11-year-old daughter, took the same challenge. She could have been done today as well… and then Grandma & Grandpa upped the ante. My Mom & Dad offered to take their pledge from $10 to $25 if Samantha could continue to pop out until Christmas. Samantha was about to say, “One month was enough for me,” when I offered to continue popping out with her. Samantha agreed, so we’re continuing on for the sake of our missionaries.

Samantha has already raised over $100 in pledges. As she and I continue through Christmas, will you consider sponsoring us? All of the money we raise goes to BGMC (Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge) to buy teaching materials for our overseas Assembly of God missionaries. If you are willing to sponsor us, please comment below. Thanks!

4 Responses to “Still Poppin’ Out”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Brandon & Samantha, you guys are AWESOME!! Congratulations on taking the “Pop Out Challenge”. Mr. Dave & I are so proud of your willingness to give up Soda and raise the $$$ for missions! Just imagine, the money you have raised is going to allow boys & girls across the world to hear about Jesus. You both are incredible missionaries! Great Job & we Love You both 😉


  2. Kirk and Jayne Says:

    Please tell Samantha and Brandon these Missionaires are so proud of them rasing money for Missions by giving up something they really like…POP! Way to go Samantha and Brandon!


  3. Kelly L. Mosher Says:

    Put me in for $10 on the home stretch.


  4. Craig T. Owens Says:

    We did it!!! Samantha and I remained “Popped Out” until Christmas. Samantha celebrated with a Sprite, and I had a Diet Pepsi NFL mix… sooo good.

    Thank you to all who sponsored us. The long pop out was worth it when we realized we raised over $200 for our missionaries! Thanks for helping us get through this!


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