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Mark the Gospel writer loves the action! He uses the word immediately eleven times, and the phrase at once seven times.

Jesus loves to respond this way too! Just as soon as we cry to Him for help, His help is on the way. 

Peter’s mother-in-law was sick with a fever. “They immediately told Jesus about her. So He went to her…” (Mark 1:30-31). 

They didn’t call a doctor first, or try a home remedy first, or consult a friend about how they treated a fever first. They immediately went to Jesus. And as soon as they did, Jesus went to the sick woman and healed her.

The old hymn What A Friend We Have In Jesus has a powerful reminder: “Oh, what peace we often forfeit—Oh, what needless pain we bear—all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.” 

What are we waiting for? Why do we try to help ourselves first when Jesus is standing right there waiting to help us? 

Let’s respond differently. Let’s make going to Jesus our first—our immediate—response so that Jesus can come to our aid right away. 

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