Poetry Saturday—My Blessing, My Proof

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I will not be dissuaded from my view
that we shall see revival not long hence;
there’s just too much persuasive evidence
to make me think God’s promise is not true.
The many and abundant blessings, new
each day, with which we are surrounded—dense
with love divine, portending heaven, whence
they come to us, and which they witness to—
betoken greater, worldwide blessings, due
when God is pleased that they their sweet descents
should make. Our daily bounty thus presents
fresh hope that soon revival will ensue.
   My daily blessings coalesce in you,
   my Proof and foretaste of what God will do. —T.M. Moore (based on Psalm 67:6-7)

This poem is from T.M. Moore’s enjoyable book of poetry Bricks and Rungs.

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