The Place Of Help (book review)

The Place Of HelpThe Place Of Help is one of the longest of Oswald Chambers’ books, compromised almost entirely of sermons he delivered in various settings. Half of these sermons are from the YMCA Hut in Zeitoun, Egypt, where Chambers ministered to British, Australian and New Zealand troops during “The War” (what we now call World War I).

The title of the first chapter is also the title of this book. Oswald’s wife, Biddy, describes how the title came about—

I recall vividly the place of the ‘birth’ of this article; my husband dictated it to me during our stay in America in 1910, when we spent a little while in the exceedingly grand and beautiful Catskill mountains, amidst scenery which left us with the sense of worship expressed by Isaiah ‘The whole earth is full of His glory.’ May every thought of the one, who so continually lifted our eyes from the ‘hills’ to God Himself, be a mighty inspiration to us all to so ‘dwell in the shadow of the Almighty’ that our lives may be a sacrament whereby God can be revealed as our ‘refuge and strength and very present Help.’ 

Indeed these sermons are a challenging read. Chambers is delivering these messages in the build-up to The Great War, and even near the front lines of the War itself. These are not messages to those cloistered in safety, but those feeling the weight of the battle bear down upon them. Much like Christians today, who stand on the front lines of a very real cultural and spiritual battlefront, some of whom even face a very real physical danger because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

This collection of real, inspiring, soul-stretching messages are timely for any Christian today. A true faith expander!

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