Not Knowing Where (book review)

Not Knowing WhereNot Knowing Where by Oswald Chambers was the first book from Chambers that I ever read, and I was instantly hooked on this wise, godly man’s writing. I just finished reading this amazing book again, and found even more to love!

Not Knowing Where is a study on the life of Abraham from the book of Genesis. Chambers takes us slowly through Abraham’s life, with entire chapters in the book sometimes just looking at a handful of verse from the biblical account of Abraham. Not only do we get to know Abraham so much better, but Chambers also makes timeless applications that every Christian can live by.

These chapters are a series of lectures Chambers gave at the Bible Training College, so they have a very conversational feel to them, making them easily readable. We also get to see Chambers’ love of poetry, as in nearly every chapter he shares with us a verse or two from poets which so beautifully capture the scene Chambers is trying to paint.

I know many people say that My Utmost For His Highest is a good starter book for those wanting to discover the genius of Oswald Chambers, but for me there is no better starting point than Not Knowing Where.

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