Create (book review)

Create“I believe that God has given every single person creative gifts. … This book is intended to help you use those gifts. It’s intended to help you stop making excuses and start making stuff for the glory of God.” That’s how Stephen Altrogge begins his book Create.

This is not a book for budding artists, nor struggling authors, nor promising young musicians. It is a book for all of those folks and for everyone who wants to unlock the creative potential the Creator has implanted in them.

Stephen writes about what he’s learned about creativity, and bolsters each of his points with personal examples, biblical references, and quotes from others who have tapped into their creative potential. Along the way Stephen gives us encouragement to be creative and demolishes all of the excuses we typically use to try to convince ourselves that we’re not creative.

This is a short but very informative and liberating book. Get it today!

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