High Adventure In Tibet (book review)

High Adventure In TibetA book about dedication, perseverance, adventure, near misses and escapes, intrigue, triumphs and tragedies. Yep, High Adventure In Tibet by David Plymire has all of that. But this isn’t a novel; it’s a true story!

High Adventure recounts the life of Victor Plymire (David’s father) who was a pioneer missionary in taking the message of Jesus Christ into the interior of Tibet in the early 1900s. Persevering through language barriers, religious strongholds, political intrigues, civil wars, the advance of Communism, and the difficulty of travel through mountainous regions and deserts, Victor would not rest until all Tibetans had an opportunity to hear the biblical account of Jesus.

David spent his childhood in Tibet, so he knows both the man, the terrain, and the people about which he writes. He also includes direct quotations from his father’s diary to give a real-time feel to the events in the book. One of the most amazing recurring themes for me was the miraculous way God provided for Victor time and time again, usually at a moment in which it appeared all was lost.

For young and old alike, High Adventure is a book that will keep you interested from the opening pages. For you, as it did for me, I pray this book (re)awakens the importance of praying for and financially supporting missionaries. And perhaps God will even use this book to call some readers to a mission field. I know that response would please God, and Victor Plymire.

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