Andrew Murray Daily Reader (book review)

Andrew Murray Daily ReaderI’m fascinated by the insights of Andrew Murray! He has such a God-given, Holy Spirit-anointed way of seeing such practical applications in all sorts of biblical passages. The Andrew Murray Daily Reader is a great way to sample his insightful works.

This is designed as a year-long devotional book, with each day giving a verse or two from the Bible along with Andrew Murray’s superb insights and practical insights to that verse. Each day’s writing comes from one of the dozens of books that Andrew Murray wrote in his lifetime.

Each day’s reading will only take you a few minutes to complete, but the insights will have you thinking all day long. Since each day includes a notation of which of Murray’s books the devotional thought came from, I quickly discovered which books I wanted to read in their entirety.

Whether you are already an admirer of Andrew Murray’s works, or whether you’ve never read anything from him before, this is a wonderfully insightful book.

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