Unfinished (book review)

UnfinishedRichard Stearns—as he did in The Hole In Our Gospel—delivers another stirring wake-up call to the Church in Unfinished: Believing is only the beginning.

As the title implies Unfinished is about what is still left for Christians to do. It’s not enough, Richard Stearns says, to just believe that Jesus is our Savior and Lord, we have to do something with that belief. And until we do, the work that Jesus gave us to do is unfinished.

The words in this book are both confronting and motivating. As I was, I believe you will be too, challenged to realize that God has made me and placed me where I am on purpose. He has a plan for my life, and I must honestly answer the question, “Am I fulfilling that plan, or is the work still unfinished?” Far from feeling condemned for anything yet unfinished, you will feel a renewed zeal to complete the work.

The first part of Unfinished is directed to individual Christians, and the second part to the corporate body of Christians known as the Church. The accompanying study guide and discussion questions at the back of the book will help you clarify your thoughts into action steps.

Unfinished is a great read!

Note: Because I had previously read and reviewed The Hole In Our Gospel (you can read my review by clicking here), I was given a free copy of Unfinished to read and review as well. My review of this book conforms with the standards I have for all of my book reviews.

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