Billy Graham In Quotes (book review)

My admiration of Billy Graham goes back to my earliest childhood. I can vividly recall the sermons and books from Billy Graham that my grandfather had on his shelf. I used to listen to those sermons when I visited his farm. In many ways, reading Billy Graham In Quotes was like a walk down memory lane.

Billy Graham has been relevant to every generation that has heard him preach because his life and ministry are solidly grounded on the timeless principles in the Bible. So every problem that society faces, every challenge that each generation is trying to conquer, every doctrinal argument that needs to be solved, Rev. Graham brings God’s Word to bear.

This book is arranged topically, and it’s amazing to read in every topic the same theme: focus on Jesus, read His Word, bring your life in alignment with His life. Time after time after time the solution is right there!

I received this book on my Kindle as a gift from my sister and brother-in-love. I enjoyed reading the book, but the search features and cross-referencing in the ebook format have been a real treat as well.

Whether or not you’ve heard a Billy Graham sermon or read a Billy Graham book, I am confident you will thoroughly enjoy Billy Graham In Quotes.

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