True Vine (book review)

In my personal Bible reading time, I tend to go rather slowly. I enjoy digging into the words and phrases, the Greek or Hebrew definitions, and the deep truths that can be uncovered in each verse. If you enjoy this type of in-depth Bible study, I think you will enjoy True Vine by Andrew Murray.

True Vine is a 30-day study of John 15:1-16, where Jesus talks about His relationship with us and with the Father, and our relationship with the Father in the language of a vine, branches, and fruit. It may seem like a full month just studying 16 verses is a bit intense, but Andrew Murray’s insights are very easy to grasp.

Each day’s study is not too long, but he pulls out a few insights that are ready-made to apply to your life. And each day’s devotional ends with a prayer that pulls it all together.

It was a very enjoyable study for me. You will enjoy it too, only if you want to go deep.

If you have a Kindle, you can download True Vine for free by clicking here.

[I shared some quotes from this book here.]

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    […] I thoroughly enjoyed my 30-day read of True Vine, a devotional by Andrew Murray which focuses on John 15:1-16. I learned a lot during this study, and I highly recommend that you dive into this study too (you can read my full review here). […]


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